Reliable diagnostics


DIAGNOcam uses laser light that goes through tooth structure and transfers the picture to the camera.

DIAGNOcam can show supragingival structures in details which allows us to detect caries in early stage and undertake non-invasive, painless care. One of the biggest advantages of DIAGNOcam is the quality of pictures that the patient can see on the screen. It helps explain the treatment. We can also save and print pictures and keep them for the next check-up visit.

DIAGNOcam is a excellent diagnostic appliance that can be used with no limits for patients of all ages.

DIAGNOcam – higher level of caries diagnostics – best picture quality

  • no X-Ray pictures
  • caries diagnostics on occlusal and interproximal surface as well as secondary caries
  • cracked enamel detection
  • earliest stage caries detection, impossible with other diagnostics
  • approximal tooth surfaces between adjacent teeth do not overlap (as it happens in X-Rays images)
  • pictures are displayed on a screen simultaneously
  • they can be compared with pictures from previous visits
  • pictures and videos can be selected for each tooth independently