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Comprehensive dental care


Dental Surgery is a field of dentistry focused on mouth intervention. The most common reason of a visit at the dental surgeon’s is a tooth extraction. Although, we have to remember that lots of other oral illnesses require dental surgery care. DentalPlaza Clinic offers: tooth extraction, impacted tooth extraction, chiselling, abscess incision and drainage or tooth resection.


Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile. To some of us though the Nature hasn’t been generous, our teeth have been affected by diseases and have lost their brightness and gleam or have to be extracted. Thanks to the dental prosthetics we are able to bring the beauty of your smile and your confidence back. Dental restoration offered in our Clinic will help you regain the confidence in eating and talking.

Together with the patient we choose the best way to rebuild their teeth. We want to bring the smiles back and therefore we take part in various trainings in prosthetics constantly learning and widening our experience.


Patients usually come to the dentist because of tooth caries. Conservative dentistry is a branch specialised in prevention, which is extremely important, and tooth caries treatment. DentalPlaza Clinic offers specialised conservative dentistry service adjusted to individual needs. Sometimes caries treatment is necessary: the changes have to be removed and the teeth preserved with appropriate materials.


Pediatric dentistry focuses on prevention and children dental care since the very young age. Instilling healthy eating and hygienic habits into our youngest patients is of a cardinal importance. That will allow them enjoy their beautiful smile with baby and permanent teeth.

We are the only Clinic in Trójmiasto that has DIAGNOCAM – the latest equipment to detect caries in early stage – at the disposal. Examination with Diagnocam is painless and, what is most important, doesn’t require X-Rays. Diagnocam allows us to diagnose caries in early stage so the treatment is quick and simple. Children are welcome to DentalaPlaza,  out little patients are treated in a nice and friendly atmosphere that helps them feel safe and looked after.


Endodontics is a branch of conservative dentistry. It deals with pulp and periapical diseases which we commonly name “root canal treatment”. Root canal treatment is necessary when hard tooth tissues are destroyed by caries or injuries and basic fulfilling is not enough. The doctor decides to perform endodontic treatment. After that, the tooth is dead but it can still serve in the mouth. Sometimes endodontic care is very complicated: some patients have curved, thin or obliterated tooth roots but in DentalPlaza Clinic we face such problems head-on with the modern endodontic equipment including a specialised microscope.


Oral diseases attack not only teeth but also other structures in our mouth. Gum and periodontium diseases might be very difficult and tiring but in DentalPlaza Clinic we help Patients with such problems using latest treatment methods. We also perform preventive hygiene treatments that help keep your periodontium and gums healthy.


Not only visible structures in our mouth can suffer various diseases but also these which we cannot see: roots or bones. DentalPlaza Clinic meeting highest standards is equipped with latest diagnostic device: appliances designed to perform panorama X-Ray examination, detailed X-Ray examination and CAT scans of all the bone structures. We are proud owners of the only in Trójmiasto DIAGNOCAM – a device helping detect caries in safe and painless way, even in early stage with no need for X-Rays. The DIAGNOCAM examination is absolutely non-invasive, safe for children and pregnant women.


Esthetic dentistry is about beauty and feeling comfortable with your teeth. Thanks to highest quality materials and cooperation with renowned dental labs we give you a wonderful smile with strong and healthy teeth.


Thanks to implantology lost teeth can be replaced by artificial ones and imitate your own both in the construction and function. Implants replicate tooth root which is a base for crown. Their esthetic value is a huge advantage which no other prosthetic filling has. The objective of implants from clinical point of view is their durability, even several decades. The biggest advantage of using implants is that each tooth can be rebuilt independently avoiding interfering with other teeth  (which frequently happens using dental bridges).

Serdecznie zapraszamy do poczytania informacji na temat implantów w zakładce NAJCZĘSTSZE PYTANIA.


More and more patents ask why their teeth are not white despite keeping them in good health. Unfortunately, our natural teeth are never snow-white. Many factors can cause that: anatomy (the way the tooth layers are built) patient’s everyday habits. Discoloration often occurs when we drink too much coffee, tea, red wine or smoke cigarettes. Our goal is to help patients brighten their teeth by professional whitening using various methods that we choose for each patient individually.

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